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                  Can A Candidate With A Felony Conviction Stay On The Ballot In Houston?

                  When Cynthia Bailey made the runoff for the Houston City Council District B race, no one was more surprised than she was. “I went to bed in third,” Bailey said. “But when I woke up, I was in second. I said, ‘Oh, Lord.’ I got so excited. And I knew then that, hey, these people really care, and they really know the work that I do, that it speaks for itself.”

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                  Groundbreaking DMA Exhibit Pushes The Boundaries Of Communication

                  A new exhibit?at the Dallas Museum of Art invites visitors to reimagine communication beyond the boundaries of speech. The exhibit features site-specific installations and new commissioned pieces from seven leading and emerging international designers who worked closely with medical field experts. The idea is to merge research methods with aesthetics to explore new approaches to […]

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